Key Decisions From the 35th IWUF Executive Board Meeting


The following is an update to members on several key decisions that were made about the technical and marketing procedures of the IWUF during the 35th IWUF Executive Board Meeting held August 3, 2018 in Macau, China.


Several proposals were made and voted on to make technical and structural improvements as part of a continued effort to modernize and standardize the sport of wushu. Decisions made by the IWUF Executive Board during the 35th IWUF EB Meeting include the following Wushu Taolu Competition rules changes.

I) Removing the Head Judge’s ability to change scores

This entails removing Article 28.1.5 from the Wushu Taolu Competition Rules.

Current Article 28.1.5 on Head Judge’s Deductions:

Should a judge’s evaluation and scoring input be found to be obviously incorrect or erroneous, the head judge shall notify the chief referee of such and following the chief referee’s approval the head judge shall correct the error before displaying the athlete’s final score.

The above article is removed.

II) Removing the Head Judge from the B Group judges scoring

This entails changing Article 2.3.2 in the Wushu Taolu Competition Rules.

Current Article 2.3.2 on Duties of the Head Judge:

2.3.2 Organize and implement judges working groups; Participate in the B Group’s overall performance valuation and scoring;

Changed Article 2.3.2:

2.3.2 Organize and implement judges working groups.

III) Increasing the Number of B Group Judges from 3 to 5 – to increase the objectivity in scoring.

This entails changing all relevant components of Article 1 and related content in the Wushu Taolu Competition Rules.

IV) Establishing a Judges Committee

Establishing a new and separate Judges Committee responsible for all judge training, educational materials development, evaluations, certification, appointment for events, evaluation of performance, data keeping, and overall monitoring and management. This Committee shall be an independent committee, and shall be establish prior to and with aim of taking effect during the 2019 15th WWC in Shanghai.

V) New Process for Appointing the Jury of Appeals

The Jury of Appeals shall be independent with members appointed by the IWUF President and/or EB.

VI) To Align Junior Age Ranges with Those of the IOC & Rectify the Age Range in the 3rd WTJQC

It was decided that the IWUF adopt the IOC method of establishing age range guidelines for its junior athletes, which would mean that athlete eligibility is based on whether their birthdate falls in the range from January 1st to December 31st during the relevant year. Our current regulations establish January 1st as the cutoff date, excluding many athletes who would otherwise be eligible.

These guidelines will be adopted beginning with the 3rd WTJQC in Bulgaria in September, and that the same IOC standards for junior age group calculations are implemented for future events.

VII) Establishing a “Creative Artistry Division” for 2019 Shanghai World Wushu Championships

This will encourage the creative and artistic growth of our athletes and coaches reflected in choreographed routines, resulting in more visually spectacular and accessible performances, improving the Championships as a spectator event.

The above changes should be implemented in 2019.


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