8th WKFC – Everything you need to know

In two days, over 5200 wushu practitioners from nearly 50 countries will begin to take to the competition floor at the IWUF 8th World Kungfu Championships. This edition of the IWUF E-blast contains all of the schedules, resources, timetables, and other information that you need to plan your time in Emeishan; there’s a lot in here — and more will follow throughout the event!

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1) General Program

2) Competition Schedule

For three days, a vast range of kungfu styles — from taijiquan to two-handed weapons to imitation styles — will be showcased in front of thousands of people, and will be represented by practitioners both young and old. There will be two main competition groups: international and domestic. <— click links for each competition schedule

3) Livestream

For those unable to be present at this signature event, various livestream resources will be available throughout, from June 16-18. Streams will be available on Weibo, QQ Live (int’l), QQ Live (dom.), and Wushu.TV. Click the image below or section heading for the full livestream schedule.

4) Seminar Program

This year we are also excited to bring back the IWUF Seminar Program for its second edition, as renowned kungfu masters and experts will lead lectures and presentations, offering unique opportunities to meet, listen to, speak with, and learn from some of the very best.

5) 2019 World Wushu-Kungfu Day (#WWKD2019) – Logo, WKFC Booth, more!

?? Announcing the 2019 World Wushu-Kungfu Day 2019 Logo! ??

For WWKD 2019, the IWUF held a logo design contest and received more than 100 submissions. Over 16,000 worldwide votes were cast, and creators of the top 6 designs received awards totaling USD $3,000. The winner, Albina Iunusova of the Kyrgyz Republic (KGZ), will have her design featured as part of 2019 WWKD celebrations on all five continents!

“The 2019 WWKD logo displays silhouettes of different styles of wushu-kungfu on a globe. The palm-fist salute, an iconic greeting, is a sign of respect and adherence to tradition. The “yin-yang” on the top of the globe symbolizes an integration of sports and traditions, a coming-together of different wushu-kungfu styles and the collaboration of people worldwide.”

The logo can also be found on iwuf.org!

2019 WWKD Booth

With the second-ever World Wushu-Kungfu Day (WWKD) coming up on August 10, we’re kicking things off a little early this year at the 8th WKFC. We want to give you the chance to make the holiday unique for YOU, so we’ll have a WWKD Booth set up in the competition venue (Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo) – stop by and say “Hi!”, grab a picture and some action shots with some pretty cool props (if we do say so ourselves), and tell is what wushu-kungfu means for you! You might even be featured in this year’s WWKD promotions.

Oh yeah… and bring a friend (or “frenemy”)!  After all, this year’s theme is “Wushu-kungfu with Friends Everywhere” and there’s no better way to celebrate.

6) #Emeishan2019WKFC

Updates from the competition floor, training hall, awards area, and spectators will be flowing the whole time, so make sure you’re following the IWUF on Instagram (@iwuf_official and @iwufnews); Twitter (@IWUFOfficial); Facebook (@iwufofficial); and YouTube (WUSHU TV), and checking the new iwuf.org regularly.

Keep an eye out for the hashtag #Emeishan2019WKFC and, if you’re in Emeishan (or know someone who is) “@” us and tag us in your posts…. let us know you’re here!

The 8th World Kungfu Championships
June 14-18, 2019
Emeishan, China

English social media hashtag: #Emeishan2019WKFC
Chinese social media hashtag: #第八届世界传统武术锦标赛#


We’ll see you (t)here!

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