8th World Kungfu Championships – Day 2

Day two of the 8th World Kungfu Championships in Emeishan picked up more momentum, with one display after another of riveting kungfu routines producing a new slew of champions. After just two short days many new friendships have already been formed as athletes help each other and cheer one another on.  First time medalists have a glow of new confidence, and those returning for a second, third or even fourth time test not only their fellow competitors but also themselves.


Northern styles dominated much of the morning, and there was plenty of taijiquan to dazzle as well. Weapons brought their own excitement to the competition rings. Spectators enjoyed Southern Styles, Shaolin Quan, Baji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Imitation Eagle Style, Imitation Tang Lang Styles, Other Types of Traditional Styles, Hua Quan, Cha Quan, Chen Style Taiji Jian, Yang Style Taiji Jian, 42 Posture Taiji Jian, Fan, Jian, Dao, Gun, Other Traditional Weapons, Other Traditional Double Weapons, Tongbei Quan, Ditang Quan, Double Straight Sword/ Double Long Tassel Straight Sword, Kwan Dao, Pudao, Double Broadsword, and Nine Section Whip Chain.

IWUF’s Seminar Program also continued with great success, and Day 2’s presenters drew crowds of attendees. Today’s wushu experts included Lianzhi Wu teaching Bajiquan, Gao Jiamin teaching 24-Form Simplified Taijiquan, Chun Wah Lai teaching Hung Gar, Zheng Yuefeng teaching Shaolin, and Zhu Tiancai teaching Taijiquan’s Silk Reeling.

IWUF’s intrepid video team has also been capturing the action of the 8th World Kungfu Championships — here are some highlights if you missed them on our social media channels and our WushuTV YouTube channel.


For Day 3 (June 18) domestic competition schedule click here.

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