8th World Kungfu Championships Concludes Successfully

Day 3 of the 8th World Kungfu Championships ended with a final thrilling day of kungfu competition at the Sichuan Expo Center as friendships forged over the past week cemented firmly, social media connections were shared, and photos of athletes posing together in happy camaraderie captured the moment forever.

Today’s kungfu was a lively crowdpleaser, with dozens of more obscure weapons finding a spotlight, and the day ending with a series of dazzling group and sparring routines that brought down the house with roars of cheering and applause. Day 3’s events included: Chen Style Taijiquan, Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan, Yang Style Taiji Jian, Yang Style Taiji Weapon, Traditional Wu 武 (Hao) Style Taijiquan, 42 Posture Taijiquan, Xingyi Quan, Fanzi Quan, Imitation Other Styles, Imitation Eagle Style, Shaolin Quan, Cha Quan, Other Southern Styles, Choy Lay Fut Kune, Hung Gar Kune, Wing Chun Kune, Other Types of Traditional Styles, Bare Hand vs. Bare Hand Sparring Routine, Weapon vs. Weapon Sparring Routine, Bare Hand vs. Weapon Sparring Routine, Single Style Bare Hand Group Routine, and Single Type Weapon Group Routine.






An Exhibition Gala show became a new star attraction this year, as international champions from various styles put on a stunning show of high-level kungfu. We saw some of the most charming, skilled, and energetic young children show off their Shaolin and ditang, while seasoned athletes from China, France, Turkey, USA and other countries offered up a variety of styles from xingyi to drunken style to double swords.

Seminars from leading wushu experts also continued to attract hundreds of participants. Today’s seminars featured Youbin Zhao teaching taijiquan, Yongtian Tian teaching taijiquan, Zuohui Wen teaching Emeishan wushu, Kwong Kuen Mak teaching  Wing Chun, Chien Tou Kao teaching taiji diagrams, and Jiamin Gao teaching taijiquan.







As the 8th World Kungfu Championships in Emeishan drew to a close, a joyful celebration took over the awards ceremony hall. Athletes and teams proudly wore their medals, exchanged national pins and gifts, and took happy photos together.  This transformative experience truly made all the participants a family here at Emeishan for these 4 days, and this joyful feeling permeated the entire farewell scene. Friends new and old parted, now connected on their social media,  with promises to meet in another two years at the next World Kungfu Championships. We salute their skill, hard work, heart and passion for wushu, and can’t wait to see everyone again at the 9th World Kungfu Championships!

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