15th World Wushu Championships FAQs

As the 15th World Wushu Championships approach, here are just some of the questions we think you might have.

Full Regulations and information can be found at: http://www.iwuf.org/multimedia/?doc-type=regulations-registration&crb_download_document=20243


Where will the 15th World Wushu Championships be held? What is the schedule?

Dates: October 19-23, 2019

Location: Shanghai, China

Competition Venues



Training Venues



General Program

What weather can I expect during the 15th WWC?

Average temperatures for Shanghai in October range from 16°-23°C (60°-73°F) with a very low amount of precipitation.

What is the exchange rate of the local currency?

The below exchange rates are approximated as of September 12, and are for participants’ reference only.

100 EUR = 780.49 CNY

100 USD = 708.92 CNY

100 GBP = 873.99 CNY

100 AUD = 487.99 CNY

100 CAD = 537.71 CNY

100 HKD = 90.56 CNY

Source: www.xe.com

What transportation can I expect to be provided during the event?

Free transportation for arrival and departure at Shanghai international airports (both Hongqiao and Pudong Airports) will now be arranged for all Teams beginning from October 15 and running through October 26, 2019, respectively (previous information noted transportation as available from October 17-24, 2019), according to teams’ listed flight information.

Also, it is recommended that participants book their flights in to and out from Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport (airport code: SHA or ZSSS) as it is located closer to the competition/training venues and accommodations.

Local transportation between official hotels and venues will be provided by shuttle buses. A detailed transportation schedule will be provided upon arrival.

What are the accommodation options available?

All Teams are required to lodge at the designated hotels as arranged by the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee will arrange accommodation and local transportation for all Teams from October 17th-24th, 2019. Teams who would like to arrive earlier or depart later than the required dates should provide the dates for the intended duration of stay during the final registration process. Teams must ensure to book accommodations accordingly, with daily rates applying for extended stays and taking the hotel check-in time of 15:00 into consideration. Below are the official event hotels:

Participation Fees

Participation fees cover all registration and accreditation-related expenses, accommodation, 3 meals per day, and local transportation (airport pick-up drop-off and transportation between hotel and venue). All teams shall pay their participation fees in full to the 15th WWC Organizing Committee. See tables below for fee details.

Teams (athletes, coaches & team officials)


Team Observers


Where can I find competition and other event updates?

IWUF Official Media Platforms:

IWUF Official Website: www.iwuf.org

IWUF Official Social Media Accounts

Facebook page: Facebook.com/iwufofficial

Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/iwufwushu

Twitter: Twitter.com/iwufofficial

YouTube: Youtube.com/user/iwufwushu

Weibo: Weibo.com/iwuf

Instagram: Instagram.com/iwuf_official



Will there be livestream and/or video recording of this event? Will there be commentators?

There will be domestic and international livestream and video recording of this event through the IWUF’s WushuTV platform, and there will be both Chinese and English commentary available. Details will be announced at a later date.

Can you recommend any tourist attractions in Shanghai?

Yes! Recommendations can be found here.


Contact Information

IWUF Secretariat

Tel: +86-10-87774492

E-email: events@iwuf.org

Add.: 9 Huaweili, Chaoyang District, 100021 Beijing, China


Again, full Regulations and information can be found at: http://www.iwuf.org/multimedia/?doc-type=regulations-registration&crb_download_document=20243. We’ll see YOU in Shanghai!

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