Day 1 – 15th World Wushu Championships, Shanghai, China

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Day 1 of the 15th World Wushu Championships got off to a rollicking start with a slew of high scores early on, and a packed audience enjoyed a morning session capped by Jet Li awarding the gold medal to delighted Macau Jianshu athlete Yi Li. Men’s Daoshu saw some fierce competition, as home team favorite Zhao Hua Wu of China took first place and held onto it to the end. The final competitor on the carpet, Ilias Khusnutidnov of Russia, rocked the stadium with his routine scoring a 9.643 that secured him the silver medal.

Sanda got started with early rounds whittling down the competition. Evening competition saw Shangyang Chuah of Malaysia nab the gold in men’s Xingyiquan, while the giant men’s Nanchuan category offered the audience favorite stars like Michele Giordano, and a gold medal performance by Chinese athlete Yonda Liang.

Day 1 Taolu winners are:

Women’s Baguazhang

Suijin CHEN – Hong Kong, China – Gold

Yujeong CHOI – Korea – Silver

Hger FARAHAT – Egypt – Bronze

Men’s Daoshu

Zhao Hua WU – China – Gold

Ilias KHUSNUTDINOV – Russia – Silver

Si Wei Jowen LIM – Singapore – Bronze

Women’s Nanquan

Lu TANG – China – Gold

Cheong Min TAN – Malaysia – Silver

Jianxin HE – Hong Kong, China – Bronze

Women’s Jianshu

Yi LI – Macau, China – Gold

Thuy Vi DUONG – Vietnam – Silver

Heeju SEO – Korea – Bronze


Men’s Xingyiquan

Shangyang CHUAH – Malaysia – Gold

Pui Seng CHEONG – Macau, China – Silver

Christoph HUYNH – Germany – Bronze








Men’s Nanchuan

Yongda LIANG – China – Gold

Chi Lung LAU Hong Kong, China – Silver

Jun Hua HUANG – Macau, China – Bronze

Women’s Taijijian

Wen Xin JU – China – Gold

Uen Ying Juanita MOK – Hong Kong, China – Silver

Yujeong CHOI – Korea – Bronze








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