Day 2 – World Wushu Championships, Shanghai, China

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On Day 2 of the 15thWorld Wushu Championships we saw seasoned favorites grab gold and some new athletes rise to become champions as well. Russia’s queen of daoshu, Sandra Constantinova, flew through the air to claim top honors with a score of 9.653. Israel won its historic first gold WWC medal ever, with a dazzling and dynamic shuangjian performance from Anastasia Chiriliuc wowing the audience. Men’s taijiquan showed extremely  high level all around, but China’s Bi Hui Cui took top podium spot with perfect grace and power. Men’s changquan saw a whopping 84 competitors making it no small feat for Indonesia’s Edgar Xavier Marvelo to seize the gold.


Day 2 Winners are:

Women’s Daoshu

Sandra Konstantiva – Russia – Gold

Xuxu Liu – Hong Kong, China – Silver

Mia Tian – USA – Bronze

Men’s Taijiquan

Bi Hui CUI – China – Gold

Wonhee Yu – Korea  – Silver

Choon How Loh – Malaysia – Bronze

Women’s Shuangjian

Anastasia Chiriliuc – Israel – Gold

Cho Man Sou – Macau, China – Silver

Erica Jia Yi LI – Canada – Bronze

Men’s Changquan

Edgar Xavier Marvelo – Indonesia – Gold

Weng Son Wong – Malaysia – Silver

Hasung Lee – Korea – Bronze

Men’s Jianshu

Qizhen LI – China  – Gold

Weng Son WONG  – Malaysia  – Silver

Chi Kuan SONG  – Macau, China  – Bronze

Men’s Nangun

Po Wei LAI – Chinese Taipei  – Gold

Jun Hua HUANG  – Macau, China  – Silver

Harris HORATIUS  – Indonesia  – Bronze

Women’s Qiangshu

Yi Li  – Macau, China  – Gold

Thuy Vi Duong  – Vietnam  – Silver

Liudmyla Tenma  – Ukraine  – Bronze

Sanda sessions saw more history made with some incredible action as champions emerged with flying fists and feet, devastating throws and takedowns, and a cheering audience that enjoyed each and every fight. The highlights of the evening were the two finals in the women’s sanda division where Shahrbano MANSOURIYAN SEMIROMI (70Kg) and her longtime teammate Maryam HASHEMIFOROUD each won a fifth career gold medal in the World Wushu Championships – an accomplishment only ever made before in WWC history by sanda legends Muslim Salikhov and Bozigit Ataev.


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