Hongxing Upgraded to an IWUF Global Partner


On October 13, 2019, the International Wushu Federation and Xi’an Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Hongxing”) signed a new sponsorship agreement in Beijing, China. Since November 1, 2019, Hongxing has officially been upgraded to a global partner of the International Wushu Federation.


Anthony Goh, Executive Vice President of IWUF, Zhang Qiuping, Secretary General, and Tian Suhui, CEO of Hongxing, attended the signing ceremony.


The International Wushu Federation currently has a three-tier sponsorship system: Global Partner, Global Sponsor, and Global Supplier, with each level setting the benchmark price for sponsorship and requiring a different level of support. Any enterprise that meets the requirements of the IWUF official events and the rules for the development of the international wushu market may become an IWUF sponsor. The IWUF will grant corresponding rights and benefits to the sponsors, including but not limited to the use of the IWUF logo, the use of the IWUF license title, sponsor logo recognition, event intellectual property rights, media dissemination rights, print promotion, rights connected to related activities, on-site advertising resources, on-site exhibitions, value-added remuneration rights and benefits, and market protection rights.


Hongxing is a leading enterprise in China’s goat milk industry. While committed to providing high-quality products and good services, Hongxing is also dedicated to helping the development of sports, and has a deep connection with the sport of wushu. Since becoming a Global Sponsor of the International Wushu Federation in 2018, it has strongly supported the development of the sport of wushu; in 2019, Hongxing applied to become an IWUF Global Partner. The successful signing of this agreement will further deepen the cooperation between Hongxing and IWUF.

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