Coordination Meeting for the 10th Sanda World Cup Held in Beijing


On November 27, the coordination meeting for the 10th Sanda World Cup was held in Beijing, China to arrange the preparations for the event. Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General, Jiang Hua, the founder of Kunlun Fight and CEO of Kunshang Media and representatives of relevant departments from both sides, in total 17 persons, attended the meeting.


The meeting conducted in-depth exchanges on the communication mechanism, competition regulations, competition organization, media and broadcasting, promotion, market development, logistics support, competition innovation and many other aspects of the preparations of the 10th Sanda World Cup.


Secretary General Zhang said that this will be the first time for the Sanda World Cup to be held out of Asia, and also the first time a world-class wushu event will be held in Oceania, which is of great significance to the development and promotion of the sport of wushu in Oceania. With this Sanda World Cup as an opportunity, both the IWUF and the host organizers will make full use of Kunlun Fight’s experience in commercial wushu competitions and adhere to high standards and high levels, in order to increase the market-oriented operation and upgrade of wushu sanda event and the influence of the Sanda World Cup, and vigorously foster the sustainable and healthy development of sanda event.


The 10th Sanda World Cup, which is jointly organized by Kung Fu Wushu Australia Limited and Kunlun Fight, will be held September 4-6, 2020, in Merlbourne, Australia.

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