2020 IWUF Technical Committee Meeting Successfully Held in Beijing


From January 4-5, 2020, the IWUF Technical Committee (TC) meeting was successfully held in Beijing, China. IWUF Vice President Anthony Goh, Secretary General Zhang Qiuping, and IWUF Technical Committee members, in total of 15 people, attended the meeting. This is the first meeting of the newly appointed 2019-2023 IWUF Technical Committee.


IWUF Vice President Anthony Goh congratulated and welcomed the 2019-2023 IWUF Technical Committee members. Then, he expressed three key ideas on the requirements and goals for the TC members: firstly, all members should keep pace with the times and constantly improve their ability to perform their duties; secondly, all members shall be united and work together to contribute to the improvement of wushu competition rules and standards, the training of coaches, judges and other wushu talents; and third, all members shall innovate and be proactive in their duties, playing a leading role in the development of wushu.



IWUF Secretary General Zhang Qiuping stated that members of the newly appointed IWUF Technical Committee should fully recognize the importance of the TC work  seriously perform their duties, and work together to guarantee the smooth operation of the IWUF Technical Committee. Considering the current wushu environment and the requirements of the Olympic Games as a benchmark, all members shall give full play to their professional strengths to improve the competition rules, standards and systems of the sport of wushu through providing targeted, effective and scientific opinions and suggestions for wushu development, thus making new contributions to the globalization of wushu.


IWUF Technical Committee consists of Technical & Event Sub-Committee  and Judges’Sub-Committee. On January 4th, the participants discussed several subjects at the plennary meeting, including the working guidelines, responsibilities and duties of Technical & Event Sub-Committee, and Judges’ Sub-Committee, the working mechanism between the IWUF Technical Committee and the IWUF Secretariat.



After the plenary meeting, the IWUF Technical Committee Technical & Event Sub-Committee Meeting and Judges’ Sub-Committee Meeting were held,respectively.  Taking the requirements of the Olympic Games as the benchmark, the two sub-committees conducted in-depth discussions on the competition regulations of six IWUF official events in 2020-2021, revisions in international wushu rules and standards, and judges’ management, training, certification, assessment, evaluation and other aspects.



On the afternoon of January 5th, another plenary meeting took place. The TC made arrangements for major wushu events and activities in 2020-2021, studied and discussed the competition rules and regulations of major wushu events of 2020, and reviewed the “IWUF Technical Committee Technical & Event Sub-Committee Working Guidelines  (Draft)” and “IWUF Technical Committee Judges’ Sub-Committee Working Guideline (Draft,)” deliberated “IWUF Judges’ Management Policy (Draft)” and “IWUF Evaluation System for International Wushu Judges (Draft). In addition, the TC decided that the 2020 IWUF International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Courses will cover five continents in five editions, respectively in Bali, Indonesia (Asia), Tunisia TBD (Africa), Brasilia, Brazil (Americas), Kimi Evoias, Greece (Europe) and Melbourne, Australia (Oceania).



As the first meeting of the newly appointed IWUF Technical Committee for the term 2019-2023, the successful convening not only gives a clear direction for the major IWUF wushu events in 2020-2021, and 2020 IWUF International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Courses,  but also played an important role in promoting and guiding the improvement of international wushu rules and standards, and the standardization of the international wushu judges development.


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