The 3rd Working Meeting of the IWUF Grading Commission held in Beijing, China

On January 6-7, 2020, the third working meeting of the IWUF Grading Commission was successfully held in Beijing, China. IWUF Vice President, Chairman of IWUF Grading Commission, Anthony Goh and other members, in total 9 persons, attended the meeting. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on  the preparations for the international wushu grading system, laying a foundation for the further development of the grading system.



The disscussions mainly focused on curricula, criteria, examinations, marketing, promotion, and implementation of the international wushu grading system. At the meeting, the IWUF Grading Commission made suggestions regarding the work results of the preparatory working groups for the curricula in the current stage, provided proposals for problems to be solved, and made a working plan for the international wushu grading system. The experts from the Japanese Wushu Taijiquan Federation, Alibaba Group and its partners were invited to introduce and discuss the development and promotion of the grading system especially in Japan, the construction of the online platform and the visual identity of the international wushu grading system etc.



To establish globally-implementable international wushu grading systems for all wushu disciplines, the IWUF Grading Commission is founded as a specialized commission that is responsible for the establishment, management and implementation of of the international wushu grading system.


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