Share Wushu, Share Dreams | See You in Chengdu 2021 Summer World University


Wushu has been officially included in Chengdu 2021 Summer World University Games, which has been rescheduled to between August 18 and 29, 2021.


Wushu first made it into the FISU sports programme at the XXIX Summer Universiade in Chinese Taipei as a non-compulsory sport in 2017. The inaugural edition of the FISU World University Wushu Championship (WUC) took place in Macau, China from August 2-5, 2018. Now IWUF continues its legacy and growing relationship with FISU through the WUC, focusing on university students and encouraging the development of wushu in an athlete’s college years.


Following a request from the local organising committee of the flagship student-athlete summer multi-sports event, FISU approved a change of dates to 18-29 August. Chengdu 2021 had originally been scheduled to start two days earlier, running from 16-27 August.


The 31st Summer World University Games are expected to draw over 10,000 student-athletes. More than 10,000 athletes and officials from more than 150 countries are expected to be competing at Chengdu 2021 across 18 sport disciplines, including rowing, shooting and wushu.


The IWUF is delighted that the Universiade offers our young athletes an opportunity to succeed in sport on a global level and wushu will be further promoted across a broader international platform.




The main body of the Universiade logo was designed based on the initial English letter of Universiade – “U”, and in combination with the solar divine bird which is one of the symbolic elements of Chengdu culture. The logo comes in a scheme of four gradual color: oriental red, bright yellow, emerald green and lake blue. It corresponds to the vitality, wisdom, greenness and sharing concept of the Chengdu Universiade and is consistent with the logo elements of the International University Sports Federation.



Its English slogan is “Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True” and the corresponding Chinese slogan is “在成都,成就每一个梦想。”



The mascot of Chengdu Universiade is a giant panda named “Rongbao”. In addition to the torch with “31”pattern in Rongbao’s hand, Rongbao’s ears, eyes and tail also present a flame outline.


For more information on the Chengdu 2021 FISU Summer World University Games , please visit its official website.

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