3rd Taolu World Cup Postponed to 2022 in Tokyo, Japan

The 3rd Taolu World Cup, originally scheduled from November 14th to 19th in Tokyo, Japan, will be postponed to 2022, in the same city Tokyo, Japan.


With the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, it is undoubtedly that many sport events also face challenges to postpone respective schedule to protect all participants. The IWUF has been in close contact with the host organizing committee of the 2020 IWUF signature events including Taolu World Cup, World Tajiquan Championships, Sanda World Cup and World Junior Wushu Championships in order to determine flexibility around the dates of these planed wushu competitions.


Following a request from the local organizing committee of the 3rd Taolu World Cup, IWUF Executive Board approved this postponement in order to support the containment of COVID-19 virus and protect the health and safety of wushu athletes, coaches, officials and fans, “ During this difficult period, it is the duty and priority of IWUF to ensure the safety and health of all participants of its event and activities. ” said IWUF Secretary General Zhang Qiuping.


The exact date of the 3rd Taolu World Cup has not been determined yet. The IWUF and the Japanese Organizing Committee will continue to discuss jointly about the exact dates and assess the impacts and changes caused by the postponement. The IWUF technical committee will work on the technical arrangement to ensure the success of the competition in 2022. More detailed information will be announced at a later stage.

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