IWUF Establishes Its Ethics Committee


Recently, the IWUF has established the Ethics Committee as the permanent committee as approved by its Executive Board in line with the IWUF Constitution, in order to safeguard the ethical principles of the federation.


The IWUF Ethics Committee’s responsibilities include but not limited to formulate rules and procedures governing the conduct of the ethics or disciplinary process, to oversee compliance with the rules of conduct, standards and policies, to receive, initiate and investigate; to report on types of cases investigated with specific description of difficult or recalcitrant cases; to dismiss or recommend action on ethical cases investigated; to resolve cases by agreement where appropriate.


The IWUF Ethics Committee is comprised of three members as appointed by IWUF President Gou Zhongwen in accordance with the Constitution:


Mr. Walt Missingham (AUS) – Chairman

Mr. Mahdi Alinejad (IRI) – Member

Mr. Julian Camacho (PHI) – Member


The establishment of the Ethics Committee is an important step in the effective global governance of IWUF and further aligns IWUF with the administrative principles of the International Olympic Committee.

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