37th IWUF Executive Board Meeting Held Successfully


On November 24, the 37th International Wushu Federation Executive Board meeting was held successfully online. IWUF President Gou Zhongwen and  IWUF Honorary President Yu Zaiqing attended the meeting.


President Gou Zhongwen said that this meeting, the first meeting for the 2019-2023 new Executive Board, is of great significance  as it falls under the new situation and challenges of the global epidemic. In view of  future working directions and key tasks, President Gou  proposed that we must always adhere to the purpose of international promotion and development of wushu, and strive to promote the development of international wushu in all aspects. We must make great efforts toward the  preparation for the 2026 Dakar Youth Olympic Games,  in order to present a memorable, spectacular and high-level wushu competition  for  the audiences around the world. It is necessary to step up the construction of the IWUF grading system as a “user friendly, open and transparent” system. It is necessary to unswervingly promote the construction of ethical standards and continuously improve the IWUF’s moral restraint mechanism. We must truly respect, understand, unite and support IWUF’s  member associations and effectively promote the vigorous global development of the sport of wushu.



The meeting listened to Work Report (2019-2020) by the Secretary General Mr. Zhang Qiuping, Financial Report (2019-2020) by the Treasurer Mr. Ang Mong Seng  and Progress Report by the IWUF Ethics Committee Mr. Walt Missingham. The meeting unanimously approved the minutes of the 36th IWUF Executive Board Executive Committee and reviewed  the minutes of the 15th IWUF Congress.


The meeting also approved a number of important documents including IWUF Certified Wushu Competition Application Procedures & Application Form  and IWUF Certified Training Center Application Procedures & Application Form, which  further regulate the wushu competition certification systems and training markets,  as well as COVID-19 IWUF Guidelines and Recommendations, which provides detailed and practical epidemic prevention information for member associations.

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