Appreciation Message – IWUF’s 30th Anniversary (Mr. ZHANG Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General)


Dear IWUF Members,

Dear Athletes, Coaches and Friends from International Wushu Family,

As we close out our celebrations for the IWUF’s 30th Anniversary, I’d like to express my deep appreciation for all of you for your thoughtful and heartful contributions to this event.

Our celebration activities this year last from August to December with   the climax on the October 3, commemorating the historic day three decades ago when the International Wushu Federation was formally established in Beijing, China in 1990.

This 30th Anniversary Celebrations has been made all more joyous as it is crowned by the achievement of wushu’s approval by the IOC to enter the 2026 Dakar Youth Olympic Games. We were honored to receive an anniversary message from IOC President Thomas Bach.

Globally we have met deep challenges this year with the Covid-19 (pandemic). As the COVID-19 (pandemic) affects the entire world’s ability to connect in person, the spirit of wushu continues to bring our community together in our virtual celebrations.

We have enjoyed the E-Cloud exhibition, the E-Cloud profile pictures, E-Cloud reminiscing, E-Cloud blessings, and E-Cloud Q & A. Videos from our members celebrated wushu worldwide. Messages from the IWUF President Mr. Gou Zhongwen and Executive Board gave us confidence in our leadership, and assurance our work still continues smoothly.

As 2020 comes to a close, we look ahead to the days when we will meet together in person, share wushu together, and celebrate our sport and community past, present and future. Your commitment and perseverance during this difficult time is deeply appreciated, and again I thank you for your meaningful contributions to our 30th Anniversary Celebrations.

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