Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games Wushu Competition Taijishan Technical Video Series Soon to be Online, Open for Global Wushu Communities


On January 8, 2020, wushu was included in the Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an official sport. Taijishan, as one of four wushu events, will have its first show in the Olympics, attracting great attention.


In order to better meet the training needs of athletes and coaches for the taijishan event, strengthen judges’ competition judging abilities, and facilitate the orderly development of taijishan training, competition and organization of IWUF member federations, the IWUF has meticulously planned the launch of a series of taijishan video courses to guide athletes, coaches and judges in training and refereeing.


During the preparation, the IWUF Technical Committee emphasizes the authority and expertise of lecturers, curriculum design and teaching content. The taijishan course integrates professional opinions of global wushu experts, and designs this video series into two major types: teaching courses and judging courses.


The series of teaching video courses offers lectures by Wang Er’ping, Top China National Coach and World Champion of Taijiquan, and techniques and demonstrations performed by world taijiquan champions. The teaching courses cover the Taijishan Techniques Training Workshop, Catalogue of Taijishan Techniques (including Required and Alternative Fan Techniques), and multiple sets of taijishan routines, to provide guidance for coaches and athletes in Taijishan practice and choreography of optional taijishan routines.


The judging courses are led by Su Changlai, Chairman of IWUF Technical Committee Judges Sub-Committee, and cover taijishan competition rules & judging methods, and common mistakes and corrections in taijishan techniques practice, aiming to provide thorough guidance to athletes’ performance and judges.


This technical video series is an important wushu production made by the IWUF to follow up its official release of the “IWUF Wushu Taolu Competition Rules  and Judging Methods (Excerpt) 2019 Additional Rules (Trial)” on July 30, 2020. These technical videos will be regularly published on the IWUF official website and social media channels as special issues of the IWUF Online Wushu Classroom, open for global wushu communities.

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