Membership News | The First Ever Iran Open Sanda Competition under the Name of Wushu Warriors Fight “WWF” Concluded Successfully

From July 19- 20, 2021, the first ever Iran Open Sanda Competition under the name of  Wushu Warriors Fight “WWF” was held at the Tabi’at Bridge in Tehran, Iran, attracting top 32 sanda athletes in 4 different weight categories including world wushu champions.



To protect the safety and health of all athletes, coaches and all participants, the Open Sanda Competition was held in an orderly and successful manner and under the COVID 19 IWUF Guidelines and Recommendation approved by the IWUF medical committee and the related regulations in Iran. Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport of Iran, IWUF Executive Board member Mahdi Alinejad and President of Iran Wushu Federation Amir Sedighi were present at the competition.



The competition was broadcast live. The match highlights videos in social media platforms reached over 500,000 views, becoming one of the most frequently watched videos made by the Iran Wushu Federation.



The Iran Wushu Federation hosted this event with the aim to bring wider media attention and increased public awareness to the beautiful sport of wushu not only in Iran but also all around the world.


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