President Mr. Gou Zhongwen’s Message for IWUF’s Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition 2021


Dear Athletes and Coaches:

Dear Wushu Friends :


After the concerted teamwork, dedication, and hardworking organization of many parties, the IWUF’s Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition 2021 will officially kick off on October 18th! First of all, on behalf of the International Wushu Federation, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere greetings to all athletes, coaches and referees!  I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have been deeply committed to the development of  the sport of wushu for many years.


Due to the pandemic, various events and activities of the IWUF in recent years have been postponed, which has had a certain impact on the training and life of the majority of athletes. However, we recognize that the difficulties are temporary, and we gather greater confidence and pass on hope in jointly coping with challenges. IWUF Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition 2021, in the form of “online wushu”, provides a new platform for athletes from the five continents to communicate and improve. I look forward to everyone at this special “cloud” gathering to fully demonstrate their abilities and style, show the spirit and charm of wushu, and find rewards with a new and different kind of excitement! At the same time, this competition presents a passionate, brilliant, and united online wushu event for the world.


Finally, I wish all the athletes good results in this competition! I wish IWUF’s Wushu Taolu Virtual Competition 2021 a great success!


Thank you, everyone!

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