8th World Junior Wushu Championships Regulations

The 8th World Junior Wushu Championships (WJWC)  will be held from December 2nd to 10th 2022, in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. The 8th WWJC regulation has been published recently.

It is especial to deserve to be mentioned the wushu will stage in the 2026 Dakar Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) for the first time, in which the taolu with changquan, gunshu, taijiquan and taijishan will step into the spotlight before the whole world. Due to that, the competition event and age group for the 8th WJWC, are newly adjusted to be consistent with the YOG. Besides, the taolu and sanda competition are all set for both boys and girls as usual.

The WJWC hosted by IWUF takes place biennially and is the official pinnacle junior championships of the IWUF, featuring the highest competitive level within the sport of wushu amongst its junior athletes. This year, the Indonesian Wushu Association (IWA) is responsible for the organization of the 8th WJWC and IWUF and IWA will together make this championships convenient and impressive to you all although the global pandemic still remains not optimistic.

The regulations for the 8th WJWC are available on the IWUF website (http://www.iwuf.org/multimedia/?doc-type=regulations-registration). Please note that all preliminary entries must be submitted through the IWUF Online Registration System by 24:00 (Jakarta Time) on September 2nd, 2022.

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