“Wushu Inspires the World” Global Collection and Exhibition of Wushu-related visual works officially launched

To better promote the development of the sport of wushu, starting from June 1, IWUF launched a long-term collection and exhibition of wushu-related visual works for wushu enthusiasts all over the world. This activity will promote wushu globally to a broad range of people, with the sport’s visual content impacting audiences in more effective and more interesting ways. This initiative encourages more wushu enthusiasts to show the rich and diverse wushu styles from multiple perspectives with personalized and creative visual expressions; in this way we will continuously stimulate the vigor and vitality of global wushu, and further promote the innovative dissemination and development of wushu in the digital media era.


This collection and exhibition is open to wushu enthusiasts, wushu groups (including schools and clubs), and IWUF Member Federations all over the world, which focuses on daily life, wushu self-defense, wushu gongfa exercise, training & competition, health & wellness, culture & multi-media creation. Content creators can make comprehensive use of a variety of rich imagery, sound and music to make short video, photography and painted works to show the charm, power and style of wushu.


Excerpt from activity introduction


Types of works

  1. Short video

(1) Language: not limited (if there is simultaneous sound in non-Chinese or non-English, English subtitles should be added).

(2) Form: clips, animation, creative editing, special effects, etc.

(3) Equipment for shooting: not limited. You can use mobile phones or other shooting equipment.

(4) Format: .mp4 or .mov. Landscape format (16:9) or vertical format (9:16).

(5) Duration: 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

(6) Resolution: not less than 1280 x 720 and the bit rate should not be less than 1 mbps.

(7) Encoding format: h.264 or Quicktime.

(8) Without corner mark or watermark (logo).

(9) At the end of the work, all the sourced materials used for creation (such as TV dramas, animations, CG of games, BGM, actors/performers, music, etc.) should be listed. Materials such as music, movies and documentaries with unknown sources are not allowed to be used for creation.

  1. Photos

(1) A single photo or a group of photos. The submitted photo can be Photoshopped, but the original photo should be submitted as well;

(2) File format: .jpg, .png or .jpeg;

(3) Resolution: no less than 300 dpi; size: greater than 3M;

(4) There should be no watermark (LOGO) on the photo;

  1. Paintings

“Paintings” include paintings, engraving, illustration, cartoon and freehand sketching. It can be a single painting or a group of paintings. We only accept images of artwork electronically; please do not send originals. The resolution should not be less than 300 dpi.


Submission Methods

1.Please visit the official website of IWUF to download wushu-related virtual works submission form: http://www.iwuf.org/multimedia/.

2.When submitting the works, please compress the works and the wushu virtual works submission form in one folder named as “WushuInspirestheWorld-Types of Works-Names of Associations/Groups/Individuals”.

3.Send the compressed folder to media@iwuf.org as an attachment with the mail subject: “WushuInspirestheWorld-Types of Works-Names of Associations/Groups/Individuals”.


Selection, Award and Use of Works

  • A review committee composed of wushu experts, scholars and media professionals will conduct a comprehensive monthly review of the submitted works. The works that pass the monthly evaluation will be shortlisted for the annual awards.
  • The shortlisted authors (including groups or associations) will be awarded the Shortlist Certificate issued by IWUF. The shortlisted works will be included in Wushu Multi-media Content Database at IWUF official website and published at social media platforms including Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Wushu TV, and Instagram.
  • At the end of each year, the first, second and third prize works will be selected by the committee from the shortlisted works based on their dissemination and influence on the media platforms of IWUF.
  • The authors of the first, second and third prize works will be awarded the honorary certificates and souvenirs and will have the opportunity to be invited to visit the IWUF official events or activities for photo-taking or video-shooting.
  • Authors who continue to participate in this activity and whose works have been shortlisted for many times will have the opportunity to be awarded the honorary title of International Wushu Promotion Ambassadorsin an individual or organizational level.


For more information, please visit the IWUF official website to download:



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