IWUF EB Approved EC’s Final Report on EWUF Matter

On the October 7th, 2022, the IWUF Executive Board (EB) voted to accept the recommendations of the IWUF Ethics Committee (EC)’s Final Report into matters pertaining to the European Wushu Kung Fu Federation Limited (UK Company number 9609005).


These recommendations are:


1. It is the recommendation of the EC that separate legal advice be sought with regard to the possible legal options to recover funds provided to EWUF under the Solidarity Fund grant.


2. It is the recommendation of the EC that members of EWUF EB (representatives on IWUF EB), identified in this Report, receive no further financial support from the IWUF solidarity fund and that said members will not receive any support from IWUF for travel, accommodation or meals. Additionally, said members will not receive the ‘Annual Administrative Support to IWUF Executive Board Members’. They cannot, in our view, ignore legitimate questions that IWUF has asked about the expenditure of IWUF Solidarity Funds and still expect such support from IWUF. The IWUF EC explicitly reserves the right to impose further measures on the EWUF EB members (representatives on IWUF EB) with its Report on this matter.


3. It is the finding of the EC that the ‘European Wushu Kung Fu Federation’ (EWUF) UK registered number: 9609005 has been removed as the ‘registered entity’ and, therefore, is no longer the recognized Continental Federation for Europe. However, as this entity is still legally incorporated a formal removal process as provided for under Article 38.5 of the IWUF Constitution needs to be undertaken as soon as possible. Under Article 4.2 of the IWUF Constitution only one Continental Federation for each region can be recognised. It is therefore not possible to recognise a new Continental Federation for Europe until the European Wushu Kungfu Federation (EWUF) UK registered number: 9609005’ is formally removed as the IWUF recognised Continental Federation for Europe.


4. The ‘European Wushu Kung Fu Federation’ (EWUF) UK registered number: 9609005 shall be (i) given a copy of the case file (the complaint file together with subsequent supporting evidence and a copy of this Report) and (ii) granted a deadline of 30 days upon receipt to submit its observation on the complaint and the findings of this Report.


5. Based on the ‘European Wushu Kung Fu Federation’ (EWUF) UK response, the IWUF EB may proceed with the process as outlined in Article 38.5 of the IWUF Constitution, which may include a provisional withdrawal of EWUF as the recognized Continental Federation for Europe and the proposal to the IWUF Congress to finally withdraw EWUF’s recognition as Continental Federation for Europe. In view of the IWUF EC, the prerequisites for both actions are met.


6. That, under the authority of Article 23.1 of the IWUF Constitution the IWUF EB adopts appropriate and legally drafted ‘Internal Organisation Regulations’ to ensure a more effective organisation and administration of the IWUF, notably by implementing the Constitution and clarifying the relationship with Continental Federation(s) and NF(s).


7. The EC notes that there is a period in which there is no recognized European Continental Federation and that this could unfairly disadvantage the European IWUF members. The EC thus recommends the IWUF EB considers the establishment of an ‘Administrative Committee’ to remain in place until a new European Continental Federation is approved/recognized.


Additionally, a number of European members have sought information from IWUF as to the standing of the proposed EWUF European championships. The IWUF has provided EWUF a deadline of 19 October 2022 to provide requested information required to properly assess the status of the proposed event.  IWUF shall advise all European members of the outcome of the event assessment process in due course.

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