One Year Countdown of HYX the 16th World Wushu Championships

On November 16, 2022, the one-year countdown celebration of HYX the 16th World Wushu Championships was successfully held in Beijing China. At the event the official logo and theme of the Championships were released. Wushu lovers all over the world were invited to participate in Heng Yuan Xiang’s sponsored 16th World Wushu Championships which will be held from November 16-22, 2023 in Texas, in the USA.

IWUF Secretary General Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Honorary Vice President and founder of Hengyuanxiang Group Liu Legend, IWUF Technical Committee Vice Chairman Jin Xiaobing, IWUF Kungfu Committee Vice Chairman Luc Bendza and other guests attended this activity. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 16th World Wushu Championships and IWUF Vice Chairman President Anthony Goh, and American athlete representative and bronze medalist of the 14th World Wushu Championships Justin Benedik, delivered their video messages. The whole activity was live streamed on the Internet.

At this countdown celebration, LOC Chairman Anthony Goh, IWUF Secretary General Zhang Qiuping and Athlete Representative Justin Benedik delivered their speeches respectively. The LOC and IWUF jointly overcome various difficulties to meet the organizational challenges, and the speakers urged the participants of the World Championships to embrace the event held in the United States with passion.


Zhang Qiuping, on behalf of the Federation, extended a warm invitation to 158 member IWUF associations and their athletes, urging top wushu athletes from all over the world to meet in Texas in 2023 to take part in a wonderful and outstanding event.

The theme of the 16th WWC is “ Solidarity. Peace. Friendship”. It integrates the concepts advocated by wushu with the Olympic spirit and responds to the social needs of the world. The design of 16th WWC logo is full of great creativity. On the top of the design is a modern figure of a wushu player in the shape of a ribbon, which incorporates this Championships’ theme. Below is a decorative outline of the Texas Long Horn, highlighting the characteristics of Texas culture. The combination of these two as a whole is just like a flame inside a chalice, which symbolizes the spirit of sportsmanship constantly forging ahead!

Finally, Liu Legend, Honorary Vice Chairman of the International Wushu Federation and founder of Hengyuanxiang Group, delivered a speech. He believes that wushu originated from human beings and belongs to the world, and hopes that people all over the world could fall in love with this sport. He also said that Hengyuanxiang Group will unequivocally support the mission of wushu and sports culture, and keep working to promote social development through sport.


Let’s meet in Texas, with Hengyuanxiang 16th World Wushu Championship!

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