2023 IWUF International Wushu Judge Instructors’ Seminar Successfully Held

In order to improve the standardization of international wushu judges training and certification, the 2023 IWUF International Wushu Judge Instructors’ Seminar was successfully held in Beijing, China from March 22nd to 25th, 2023. Zhang Qiuping, IWUF Secretary General, Su Changlai, Chairman of Judges’ Committee, and Jin Xiaobing, Deputy Chairman of Technical Committee attended this seminar.

In this seminar, under the guidance of the IWUF Judges’ Committee, 10 experts conducted in-depth discussions and communications on topics such as 2023 IWUF international wushu judges’ training and teaching design, training content, teaching case videos, and certification assessment methods, which unifies and optimizes the training courseware and evaluation principles of international wushu judges, laying a solid technical foundation for the high-quality training and certification of international wushu judges.

The 2023 IWUF international wushu judges training courseware and related teaching case videos, free for global wushu friends’ learning and reference, will be released on the IWUF official website in the near future.

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