100 Days Countdown Press Conference to the 9th World Kungfu Championships Concludes Successfully!

On May 17, the 100 Day Countdown Press Conference to the 9th World Kungfu Championships (WKFC) was held in Emeishan City, Sichuan, China. The press conference introduced the preparations of the event and officially launched the media registration.

Vice-Chairman of IWUF Technical Committee, Jin Xiaobin, Vice President of China Wushu Association, Chen Chong, Deputy Director of Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, Chen Xingdong, President of Sichuan Wushu Association, Ren Gang, Vice Mayor of Leshan Municipal People’s Government, Zhang Guoqing, Director of Leshan Sports Bureau, Xiang Lei, Vice Mayor of Emeishan Municipal Government, Tang Haotian, and Director of Emeishan Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, Su Zhenwu attended the press conference.


The 9th World Kungfu Championships will be the first open international large-scale wushu event held in China since the epidemic, and it will be a highly anticipated event for the global wushu family. The IWUF has always attached great importance to the legacy and development of traditional wushu. Since 2004, the IWUF has successfully held eight World Kungfu Championships, and the World Kungfu Championships has become an important international platform for wushu enthusiasts of all ages, styles and levels around the world to exchange skills and promote friendship. At this time, more than 5,000 athletes from nearly 50 countries and regions are expected to participate.

This event is organized by the International Wushu Federation and the Chinese Wushu Association, hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau, Sichuan Wushu Association, and Leshan Municipal People’s Government, and co-organized by Leshan Municipal Sports Bureau, Emeishan Municipal People’s Government, and Mount Emei Scenic Area Management Committee. The competition is divided into two groups: International and Chinese Mainland, and each group has three events: Individual, Duilian, and Jiti.


This year’s WKFC fully upgrades wushu cultural communication activities and provides more colorful activities for wushu enthusiasts from all over the world. During the tournament, activities such as lectures given by kungfu masters, kungfu shows, an AI wushu interactive experience, long and short weapon performances, wushu culture youth ambassador sports, cultural commodities exhibition and sale, and cultural tourism experiences will be held during the event, with the hope that that wushu enthusiasts from all over the world can fully appreciate the charm of traditional wushu culture in a relaxed, interactive and joyful atmosphere.


The press conference was also attended by representatives from a number of media organizations, including Xinhua News, Sichuan Daily, and Sichuan TV, as well as the relevant persons in charge of the organizers, contractors, and co-organizers.


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