IWUF Preparatory Site Inspection Visit to 9th World Kungfu Championships

On May 16-18, a delegation of seven officials and department managers from the IWUF and the Chinese Wushu Association visited Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, China to inspect the preparations for the 9th World Kungfu Championships.


On the morning of May 17, accompanied by the organizing committee, the delegation first arrived at the Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo Center, to inspect the competition venues, training venues, supporting activities venues, functional rooms and other areas, and carry out on-site assessment and guidance of venue arrangements, venue flow design, spectator stands, regional divisions and other works. The technical officials’ and athletes’ hotel facilities, catering arrangements, etc. were also inspected.

At 3pm, the delegation attended the 100 Days Countdown Press Conference to the 9th World Kungfu Championships. The press conference introduced the preparations of the event and officially launched the media registration.

At 4pm, the delegation came to the conference room of the Cultural, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Emeishan City to hold a symposium on the preparation work for 9th World Kungfu Championships. The delegation listened to the introduction of the organizing committee of the event on the preparation of the 9th World Kungfu Championships. They conferred on the competition organization, athletes’ reception, media publicity, certificate and medal production, registration documents, supporting activities, market development, volunteer services and various kinds of guarantees.

The organizing committee expressed its gratitude for the guidance of the delegation, with only 100 days until the opening of the Emeishan 9th World Kungfu Championships, marking a critical period for the preparation. The organizing committee will further improve the operations, implement the work responsibilities of various departments, refine and improve the work program, enhance the communication and liaison mechanism of multiple parties, and make every effort to speed up and finish a thorough job in the preparation of the competition.

The delegation expressed its approval of the work of the event organizing committee and believed that with the unique natural and cultural resources and rich experience in holding large-scale events, Emeishan city would be able to deepen the development of “wushu + tourism” and make the scale and influence of the 9th World Kungfu Championships reach a new high, presenting a more exciting event to wushu lovers all over the world in 2023.

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