2023 IWUF International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Course Opened in Bali, Indonesia

International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Course held at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Kuta, Bali, May 31 – June 6, 2023. 234 wushu judges from 27 IWUF member countries comprising 137 taolu judges, 97 sanda judges, and 6 observers participated in the event. The opening ceremony was held on June 1 and officially opened by the General Secretary of IWUF, Zhang Qiuping, attended by the Chairman of IWUF Judges’ Committee, Su Changlai, the General Secretary of Indonesian Wushu Executive Board (PB WI), Ngatino S.H., MH, Deputy Treasurer of Indonesian Wushu Executive Board, Gunawan Tjokro, the Chairman of KONI Bali Province, I Gusti Ngurah Oka Darmawan and members of IWUF Judges’ Committee, Iwan Kwok, Marcus Alves, and Zhuo Haojun. Indonesian Wushu Executive Board President, Airlangga Hartarto was also present via virtual meeting.

In the opening ceremony, IWUF Secretary General Zhang Qiuping indicates the importance of judges to the healthy development of international wushu. The IWUF highly values the building and management of the judges team, the judges’ Committee established in 2021, and the judges management system which has been improving constantly. Wushu has already become an official sport in the 2026 Dakar Youth Olympic Games, and AI judges will be introduced to assist scoring. The 9th World Kungfu Championships and 16th World Wushu Championships will be held in August and November this year, and many national, continental and multi-sport wushu competitions have returned in 2023. With a broad stage for judges from various countries and regions, updated requirements for international wushu judges team are important. Under the guidance of IWUF Wushu Judges Policy, all judges should enhance their professional judging skills, but also fully comply with obligations, disciplines and ethic codes. Apart from solid professional skills, excellent English skills will also become an important factor in selecting international judges for international wushu competitions. The IWUF hopes that international judges will keep up with the times, adhere to the ethic codes, and continue to improve judging and English skills to better promote wushu internationally and universally.

In this Training and Certification Course, IWUF sent 10 experienced lecturers, 5 for taolu and 5 for sanda. IWUF International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Course is divided into taolu class and sanda class. In this 5-days-course, wushu judges will conduct theoretical, technical practical and judging practical training and assessment on competition rules and judging methods, wushu taolu technical training and practicing, scoring analysis of different wushu taolu groups, wushu sanda calls and gestures, wushu sanda basic technical training and practicing, and scoring analysis of wushu sanda. Participants will be given the corresponding certification level after passing technical exams, theoretical exams and judging exams.

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