2023 IWUF Judges Online Courses- Traditional Wushu Rules

The 2023 IWUF Judges Online Courses- Traditional Wushu Rules was successfully held on 7-8 July. Upon the recommendation of the Judges’ Committee, the IWUF invited Professor Lin Xiaomei as the instructor and Professor Zhu Dong as the technical interpreter to explain the IWUF traditional wushu rules to the participants through Zoom. The Chairman of IWUF Judges’ Committee Su Changlai and its member Marcus Alves attended the online courses.


With over 200 participants in a single day, the courses received positive respond from wushu judges all over the world. Su Changlai, the Chairman of IWUF Judges’ Committee, firstly, welcomed all the judges and acknowledged their efforts and contributions to the development of wushu in different countries and regions of the world. The course explained the latest traditional wushu rules for all international wushu judges, especially in preparation for the upcoming 9th World Kungfu Championships (WKFC). Only international wushu judges who have participated in this course may be recommended by the IWUF Judges’ Committee as the judges of the 9th WKFC.


Professor Lin was profound and patient in her teaching, and prepared the course meticulously, focusing on both the theoretical traditional wushu rules and arranging a video practicing session, simulating an online scoring combined with video footage, so that the judges could apply what they had learned. Everyone showed great interests in learning and attended the course orderly.


At the end of the course, the participating judges said that the course was very beneficial and they learned a lot about traditional wushu rules, hoping the IWUF would arrange such courses on a regular basis.


Video materials of the judges courses will be released on the official IWUF media platform soon. Please stay tuned.

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