The IWUF AI Intelligent Wubuquan Experience Onstage at the “Chao Meng Wu Wa” 2022-2023 Wushu Culture Youth Ambassador National Selection

On 15-16 July, the final selection and award ceremony of “Chao Meng Wu Wa” wushu culture youth ambassador national selection was held at the Shanghai Library in the East Hall.

Secretary General of IWUF, Zhang Qiuping, Party Secretary and Director of China Education Television (CETV), Yuan Xiaoping,Deputy Member of the Party of Shanghai Administration of Sports, Zhao Guangsheng, Deputy Party Secretary, Director and President of Shanghai Media Group (SMG) Song Jiongming,President of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation, Yan Jianping,Deputy President and Deputy Chairman of SMG, Yuan Lei, Director of Shanghai Education Television(SETV), Sun Xiangtong and other officials attended the event.

Hosted by China Education Television and SMG Broadcasting Centre, co-hosted by Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation, co-organized by Shanghai Wushu Association and Shanghai Youth Sports Federation, and supported by the International Wushu Federation, the “Chao Meng Wu Wa” 2022-2023 wushu culture youth ambassador national selection has actively promoted the wide growth of compelling traditional culture among the youth.

The IWUF AI Intelligent Wubuquan Experience was officially on stage. Wushu has become part of the official competition programme of the 2026 Dakar Youth Olympic Games. Benchmarking against the requirements of the Olympic Games, the IWUF takes full advantage of digital technology to help promote wushu. It is believed that the children participating in the experience can feel the fun in wushu and share the new future of digital intelligence in wushu.

The IWUF is also looking forward to a future collaboration with top media such as China Education Television (CETV) and Shanghai Media Group (SMG) to explore the global dissemination of wushu culture and the profound development of the wushu industry, and in doing so bringing more friends together to experience the infinite glamour of wushu.

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