IWUF and Shanghai University of Sport Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

In order to strengthen the international dissemination and development of wushu, and to enhance the global influence of wushu, the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) and Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) held a signing ceremony for the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on September 16. The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Li Yin, Secretary of the Party Committee of SUS, while Mr. Zhang Qiuping, Secretary General of IWUF, and Mr. Mao Lijuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SUS and President of SUS, were the representatives of both parties who signed the strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Zhang Qiuping pointed out that the IWUF has always regarded the modernization, standardization, internationalization and globalization of wushu as important work. As one of the first institutions in China to offer a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in wushu, as well as the convening unit of the Wushu Branch of the China Sport Science Society and the National School League Wushu, and the Wushu Inheritance Base of the Ministry of Education, the SUS is thus endowed with first-rate disciplines, professions, talents, organizations and other advantages. Therefore, the establishment of a long-term, close and stable strategic partnership between the IWUF and the SUS can not only offer resource-sharing but also reflects complementary strengths; as well, it embraces joint innovation, which will lead to mutually beneficial results for the development of both parties.

Both parties hope to adhere to the principles of close cooperation and mutual benefit, and rely on each other’s resources and advantages, so as to carry out and work with each other on projects including the research on the construction and application of the Chinese-English bilingual database for the promotion of wushu in the international arena; research on the industry standards and norms for the performance processing system of wushu competitions, such as timekeeping and score-keeping; and the composition and construction of the certification system for wushu. In addition, both parties also aim to actively prepare for implementing research on the IWUF’s coaching rank standards and the construction of the corresponding certification system.

The IWUF and SUS will take this cooperation as a new starting point of development, with close communication and contact, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, improve the working mechanisms, seize the opportunities, undertake important tasks and create advantages together. Through high-position, high-quality, and high-standard layout planning, using new models and paths to promote wushu, disseminate wushu culture and carry forward wushu spirit, the partnership will give full play to the important role of wushu in enhancing and facilitating cultural exchanges. Moreover, the two partners strive to promote, popularize and develop wushu to a broad extent in the world, making greater contributions to promoting the international development of wushu to a new level, achieving new breakthroughs, and moving towards a new glory; in short, jointly writing a new chapter in expanding and growing the capacity of international communication of wushu culture.

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