Wushu Kungfu Federation of Europe (WKFE) Approved as IWUF’s European Continental Federation (CF)

On September 21, 2023, unanimously approved by the IWUF Executive Board, Wushu Kungfu Federation of Europe (WKFE) is recognized as IWUF’s European Continental Federation (CF).

Earlier this year on June 26, 39 European Wushu National Federations met in Zurich, Switzerland, following the invitation and under the supervision of the European Supervisory Committee (ESC) established by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF), unanimously decided to create a new European Wushu and Kungfu Confederation – Wushu Kungfu Federation of Europe (WKFE) in the Founding Assembly.

The Founding Assembly elected Patrick Van Campenhout of Belgium as President of WKFE, with the other 14 members of the Board of Directors of WKFE elected. Brussels, Belgium, was then chosen by the WKFE founding members as the official seat of WKFE. Turkish Wushu Federation was approved to host the European Wushu Championships 2023.

As a central aim for IWUF is to support the development of wushu in all countries (territories) of the world, IWUF’s recognition of WKFE as its CF is of significance for wushu’s development in Europe, and the whole world.


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