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The Athlete Learning Program about Health and Anti-Doping (ALPHA) has been developed with the input of eLearning specialists, athletes, anti-doping specialists and anti-doping social scientists.


Based on the latest findings in Social Science Research and learning technology, the aim of this tool is to change attitudes and therefore have an impact on those who intend to dope. Therefore, if effective, the tool will potentially reduce doping behavior amongst athletes who are already doping, or prevent other athletes from doing so at all. If the intention of the learner was not to dope, the tool provides all the necessary information for an athlete and reinforces the protective factors.


The uniqueness of this tool lies in its ability to provide positive solutions to athletes to stay clean. By studying all the performance-related areas, such as rest and recovery, training, nutrition and helping athletes to identify where they could do better, the tool shifts the focus away from what athletes are not allowed to do to instead providing athletes with solutions to allow continued progression in a clean

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  • 2021.08.20

    2021 IWUF Anti-Doping Education Program

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