1. 2023 International Wushu Event Calendar

  2. IWUF Online Wushu Classroom 95th Schedule

  3. AOTM 10: Australian Athlete Corey Johnstone’s Long and Colorful Wushu Journey

    As one of Australia’s most seasoned wushu competitors, Corey Johnstone has dedicated more than half his life to the sport, and it has taken him places he never imagined. He has been a participant in IWUF world championship events since 2005, he’s witnessed the development and evolution of wushu’s rules and standards, and he has…

  4. IWUF EB Approved EC’s Final Report on EWUF Matter

    On the October 7th, 2022, the IWUF Executive Board (EB) voted to accept the recommendations of the IWUF Ethics Committee (EC)’s Final Report into matters pertaining to the European Wushu Kung Fu Federation Limited (UK Company number 9609005).   These recommendations are:   1. It is the recommendation of the EC that separate legal advice be sought…

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