About the Grading System

In 2017, the IWUF established a commission and gave it the task of developing sets of standardized curricula and certification, evaluation, examination and grading criteria for the most widely practiced forms of wushu while still respecting and preserving the history, authenticity and values of each style. Chaired by Anthony Goh of the United States, the commission’s 15 members are from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden and the United States.


By tapping its resources and its status as wushu’s world governing body, the IWUF can engage the talents of experts to develop the curricula and examination criteria for each style. With those in place, IWUF can develop a network of accredited centers to train coaches and judges. This will enable the creation of professional-level global wushu programs with quality, transparency and integrity.


By incorporating management, curriculum, certification, grading and other information onto an online platform, the IWUF can maximize access to these exciting programs. Coupling these efforts with a system of financial incentives and technical and marketing support, IWUF will encourage the growth and development of wushu schools and clubs around the world.

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