International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course 2023

Learning Materials 


Learning Materials for International Wushu Judges Training  & Certification Course 2023 includes the following:


  • Part One: Documents ( Courseware of Wushu Taolu Group A, Group B,Group C and Wushu Sanda)
  • 第一部分:文件(武术套路A组/B组/C组和武术散打的培训课件)
  • Part Two: Judging Exercise Videos第二部分: 评判练习视频
  • Note:Wushu Taolu Group B Judging Exercise Answers are in the Documents. Other exercise answers are shown in the end of each video.  (备注:武术套路B组评判练习视频的答案可在文件区下载,其他评判练习视频的答案均在每个练习视频结尾呈现。)

If you have any quesiton about the above learning materials , you can consult  the lectures for 2023 International Wushu Training & Certificatation Course and find the contact information in the below picture. 关于以上学习资料,如有问题,可咨询2023年国际武术裁判员培训与认证班的讲师,联系方式见下图。

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