Mascot of 14th World Wushu Championships in Kazan Announced


At every World Wushu Championships athletes, participants and fans all look forward to the competition’s official mascot. We’re pleased to unveil the mascot everyone will be looking to meet at the 14th WWC in Kazan – Bars!


Bars -- who is dressed in a traditional Chinese wushu costume and stands in a greeting pose "baoquanli"-- is based on the snow leopard, the patron animal of the Republic of Tatarstan. Look for a life-size Bars mascot greeting you in the airport and gymnasium!


Kids and grownups will love the cartoon hero images of Bars seen throughout the event, and you might even want to bring a snuggly toy version of him home. Kungfu Panda move over, here comes Bars to steal the limelight in Kazan!

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