Kazan 2017: IWUF's Site Inspection of 14th WWC


On August 16th, an IWUF delegation conducted a site inspection in Kazan, Russia for the upcoming 14th World Wushu Championships which will be held from September 28th - October 3rd, 2017.


Led by IWUF Coordination Committee Chairman Mahdi Alinejad, along with Coordination Committee members Petru Grindeanu and Marcus Alves, the delegation consisting of representatives from the IWUF Medical Committee and IWUF Secretariat received a warm welcome from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as the Kazan 2017 World Wushu Championships Local Organizing Committee (LOC).



Mahdi Alinejad, Chair of IWUF Coordination Committee


The one-day inspection had a very tight schedule. On the morning of August 16th, the IWUF delegation, accompanied by Ms. Aleksandra Babicheva, Office Manager of LOC and Ms. Iraida Grebneva, Secretary General of the Russian Wushu Federation, visited the Korston Hotel, the official hotel accommodating IWUF officials and VIPs, and the main venue of the IWUF's 14th Congress and various Committees' meetings. The delegation also inspected the Gymnastics Stadium where the competition will be held, as well as the Athletes Village where the participating teams will be accommodated. They checked the arrangement of venues, logistics, media and TV promotion, medical matters & anti-doping, etc. and provided corresponding suggestions. In the afternoon, an IWUF & LOC Coordination Meeting was held to discuss numerous topics regarding the event preparation so as to ensure that all details will be well implemented.



IWUF inspection delegation was instructing the pre-event preparation


At 19:00, a summary meeting was held at the Building of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan. Khahel Shaykhutdinov, First Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan and Executive President of Kazan LOC, expressed thanks to the IWUF inspection team for the guildance of the pre-event preparation. He said that LOC will spare no effort to present a high-level competition to the world, and people in Kazan will welcome the arrival of each country's wushu team in the warmest way.



IWUF inspection delegation and LOC representatives in Athletes Village


After the inspection, the IWUF delegation expressed satisfaction towards the overall progress. Mahdi Alinejad thanked the Kazan LOC for the support of the inspection. He believed that Kazan 2017 WWC will leave an unforgettable memory on all participants all around the world.




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