Wushu Debuts at Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade




Wushu debuted in the 29th Summer Universiade Games in Taipei on August 26, becoming part of FISU’s exciting international, biennial multi-sport event for university athletes. At the Universiade, more than 7,639 young athletes from 24 sports and 145 countries/ regions converged in the spirit of friendship, fair play and competition. These budding citizens of the world celebrated global sport culture, and for the first time wushu became an official part of that celebration.


The “Universiade” is the name for these world university games, derived from the words “University” and “Olympiade.” It’s organized by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) as the premier international sporting event for college athletes. IWUF signed a cooperation agreement with FISU in 2015, and it was with deep determination that IWUF actively pursued getting wushu accepted into these games.


The President of Chinese Taipei Wushu Association, Yang Mei-jung, remarked, “We would like to thank the IWUF, FISU and LOC for their support in getting wushu into the Universiade, which is also sometimes called the “minor Olympics.”This is an exciting accomplishment, and the local government officials in Chinese Taipei also extended great support to this effort as well, for which we are grateful. Having wushu in the Universiade is not only meaningful to us, but also to global wushu development. It is a milestone.”

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