Day1: The Wushu Games Begin at Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade


In all, 134 young athletes from 30 countries/ regions participated in the Universiade’s debut wushu competition. From August 26-29, fans poured into the Hsinchu County Gymnasium to enjoy taolu in the mornings and sanda in the evenings. Athletes welcomed the afternoon to train, rest, and socialize in the Athletes Village where they mingled with their sporting contemporaries from around the world; this experience became one of the event’s real highlights for the Universiade wushu athletes, just as it was for the athletes of the Beijing 2008 Wushu Tournament nearly a decade ago.



Women's Taolu - Taijiquan: athlete Mengyao Wu


On the morning of the 26th the gymnasium was filled with melodies, grace and power as women's taijiquan became the first event to greet an enthusiastic local audience – an audience that roared when Chinese Taipei athlete Yi-Ying Chen stepped onto the carpet and showed her magic. While China's Mengyao Wu snatched first place, Chen won the hearts of her local fans and happily took third, edging out Malaysia’s Lu Yi Chan by just a few points.


Next, men’s taijijian offered a bit of déjà vu, as China’s Fanhui Kong won first place, and Yu-Wei Chen from Chinese Taipei took third, with Malaysia’s Choon How Loh grabbing second place this time.



Men’s Taolu - Taijijian:  athlete Fanhui Kong


With the stadium warmed up and wushu appetites whetted, the first round of sanda enlivened Saturday night. It was soon clear that Iran and China would dominate this event, but strong contenders from Korea, Chinese Taipei, Philippines, Russia and Kazakhstan would challenge this hegemony.

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