Day 2: Wushu Competition at Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade


Sunday started off with a lively women’s nandao competition, where China’s Liuyan Lai seized the top spot with an impressive score of 9.58. Men’s nangun kept the action fast and furious, and Chinese Taipei’s Kai-Kuei Hsu brought down the house with the top score.  Next on deck came the ever-popular changquan competition, starting with the men’s category, where another Chinese Taipei athlete, Tse-min Tsai, brought forth a new eruption of cheers and applause from the stands. His electric performance slid him into first place ahead of Korea and Iran, but he was soon knocked into second by Russia’s elegantly powerful Pavel Muratov, scoring a 9.45 to win silver. However, it would be Mengnan Li from China whose sparkling performance saw the highest score, 9.55, and the gold medal. The audience, however, could not have been more thrilled to see the bronze medal go to their local athlete Tsai.



 Men's Taolu - Changquan


The morning’s finale came with women’s changquan, and a new battle for supremacy began all over again.  Here some serious star power came into play from Ukraine, Indonesia and Iran, but it was the most seasoned athletes – all former world champions – who would dominate. Russia’s consummate star Sandra Konstantinova took the lead with a 9.35, but Macau’s Yi Li soon followed, and blazed her way into first place with 9.51. The lovely Ayaka Honda gave a polished and inspired performance to seize third place.



 Women’s Taolu - Changquan

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