Day 4: Wushu Competition at Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade


The morning of August 29th  unfolded exciting drama in the denoument of the combined nanquan & nangun competition. Sunday’s nangun event had brought cheers and shouts from a very engaged Taipei audience as local hero Kai-Kuei Hsu battled his way to first place with a 9.62, edging out Macau and Korea. Two days later, his fans held their breath as the nanquan began, seeing if Hsu could equal his nangun performance to take gold in the combined events. Hsu was sixth in the order, and he came out to the carpet on fire. He seemed to inhale the energy of the audience, and gave an electric, nearly flawless performance. But chasing him were Calvin Wai Leong Lee of Malaysia, Japan’s Y. Asayama, and Macau’s Junhua Huang, all of who also had high scores from the nangun event. Huang was in top form, and edged Hsu out in the nanquan earning a 9.57 – but it wasn’t enough to surpass Hsu’s combined score, and the Chinese Taipei athlete seized the day – and the gold medal. A joyful Taipei team and onlookers watched as Hsu proudly rose to the top podium and became Taipei’s golden wushu hero of the Universiade.



Men's Taolu - Nanquan and Nangun Combined


The battle for the women’s southern style events was likewise hard fought, though none could overtake China’s Liuyan Lai for gold. Malaysia, Russia and Iran vied for second and third, and ultimately Cheong Ming Tan of Malaysia won silver, and the powerfully elegant Fatemeh Heidari of Iran took bronze.



Women's Taolu - Nanquan & Nandao Combined


Jianshu and qiangshu saw a return of popular wushu athletes who have graced the medal podiums over the past several years at top-level events from the World Wushu Championships to the Taolu Cup.  Fans warmed greatly to wushu favorites Yi Li (Macau), Ayaka Honda (Japan), Emily Fan (USA), Elif Akyuz (Turkey), Heeju Seo (Korea), and Liumyla Temna (Ukraine.) Yi Li took gold with her powerful performances, Heeju Seo, won silver with beautiful style, and from USA, Emily Fan filled the gymnasium with her joyful, expressive, energetic performance to win bronze.



Women's Jianshu and Qiangshu Combined


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