Sanda Finals: Wushu Competition at Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade


The last day of competition’s sanda finals is always a crowd pleaser, and the audience in the gymnasium anticipated an evening of top-notch action that evening. The two women’s matches may have stolen the show, especially the 52 KG opening 3-round battle between Korea’s Hyebin Kim and Iran’s Arezou Salimighalehtaki, which turned into a real nail-biter. Kim won the first round with her daunting kicks, and the Iranian fighter took round 2 with relentless takedowns. The fighters were well matched, and Kim finally edged out her opponent in points in round 3 to win the gold. The second woman’s final, 60KG, saw an amped up crowd cheering on Chinese Taipei fighter Yi-Ju Lin as she fought China’s Xianting Jiang. The crowd roared as Lin took down her opponent multiple times, but Jiang prevailed on points to win the match in two rounds.



                         Women's Sanda - 52 KG                                                                            Women's Sanda - 60 KG


Men’s 52KG event saw China’s Peng Yuan initially get knocked down by tough Philippines fighter Jomar Balangui, but Peng prevailed to win on points in two rounds. In the 60KG division Fuxiang Zhao from China landed a near-knockout punch to his opponent from Iran, Erfan Ahangarian, at first, but the Iranian’s strong wrestling skills proved too daunting to handle, as he took down the Chinese fighter time after time on his way to gold. His Iranian teammate in the 70KG division, Jafar Shirzadeh Popraghlo, likewise dispatched a valiant and feisty Ruslan Libirov from Kazakhstan with deeply impressive throwing and wrestling skills to claim victory. The last fight of the evening saw 80KG Iranian fighter Hamid Reza Ladvar dispatch  his Chinese opponent Shengnan Li with ease.



                           Men's Sanda - 52 KG                                                                                Men's Sanda - 60 KG


                      Men's Sanda - 70 KG                                                                              Men's Sanda - 80 KG


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