Learn About the Logo of the 7th World Kungfu Championships





The 7th World Kungfu Championships logo has been unveiled, and here’s a first look at it fro our members, friends and readers.


The background of the logo is the dark green abstract depiction of the Chinese character “山”(Mountain), which symbolizes the jade peak of Emeishan Mountain and the sketch of the Giant Stone Buddha at Leshan Mountain. On the background appears a Chinese character “武” (Wu), which is formed by two figures that resemble wushu-athletes. The character presents smooth and dynamic lines, which displays the feature of sport of wushu, while conveying the wisdom of Taoism and elegance of Confucianism. In general, it implies that “Mountain is Buddha, and Buddha is mountain; Wushu is integrated into Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.”

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