7th World Kungfu Championships Online Registration Open



The 7th World Kungfu Championships will take place November 7-11 in Emeishan, Sichuan, China.


The online registration system is now open and in line with the regulations, all registrations are required to be completed through the online system in order to be accepted.


Please take note of the following information, as the registration system differs somewhat from the standard method used for the IWUF World Wushu Championships.


Once you have logged in using your username and password, you will be taken to the "Taolu Registration" tab as described below:


You do not need to create participant profiles for each participant that you wish to register. This is due to the large team sizes in comparison to our other events. Instead, you will simply click on the "Name" block and clearly type in the full name of each participant you wish to submit. Please ensure that you input all participant names as follows:


Given Name/ SURNAME


Then you should select the respective sex for the participant you entered and select their date of birth correctly as well. Following this you simply click on the drop down boxes to select their respective individual bare hand routine events and individual weapon routine events. Please ensure that you also type in a description in the respective block for each routine in order to further clarify the style and routine to be performed.


Should you have athletes participating in Duilian (Choreographed Sparring) Routine event, please click the tick box under this heading for each athlete that will perform in this event, select the type of Duilian from the drop down box, and also type in a description (i.e Eagle vs Snake etc).


Should you have athletes participating in Group Routine event, please click the box under this heading for each athlete that will perform in this event, and select the type of group routine from the drop down box and also type in a description (i.e Taiji Jian).


The system will display 30 athletes entry lines; should you have more than 30 athletes, simply click on the "Add Line" button to add another entry slot. Once you have entered all your athletes’ taolu registrations click on the "Team Officials" tab and input the relevant details in this section, and save. Then continue to complete the "Observers,"  "Travel Info," "Hospitality" sections in full with all the final details. Once all these tabs are completed, and saved, then proceed to the "Submit" tab -- fully review your saved details and if all is accurate, tick the "I agree" box, input the required details and click the "Submit" button.


This will conclude your submission of your team's final entry and you will receive an email confirmation of your full entry form copy. The Organizing Committee will then be in contact with you for any further details or information required.


Please take note, the deadline for the final registration is 24:00 (Beijing Time) on September 29th, 2017.


Please click here to view the full event regulations.


Should you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.


We look forward to seeing you in Emeishan!

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