Results of 14th WWC Competition Day 1


Day 1 of the 14th WWC started and ended in exciting fashion, with Men's Sanda 1/16 finals in the 56gkg ,60kg, and 70kg weight divisions in the morning, taolu events in the Women's Changquan, Men's Changquan, and Women's Taijijian in the afternoon session, and 1/8 finals in Men's Sanda 56kg, 60kg, 70kg, and 85kg to round out the evening.
Three gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded in each of the taolu events, with athletes new to the competition floor and wushu competition veterans putting on a spectacular show for the audience and winners separated by the slimmest of margins.
Women's Chuangquan results:
Gold - Xue WANG, China (Score - 9.68)
Silver - Xuxu LIU, Hong Kong (Score - 9.66)
Bronze - Yi LI, Macau (Score - 9.64)

Men's Chuangquan results:
Gold - Zhizhao CHANG, China (Score - 9.70)
Silver - Achmad Hulaefi, Indonesia (Score - 9.64)
Bronze - Pavel MURATOV, Russia (Score - 9.63)
Women's Taijijian results:
Gold - Suijin CHEN, Hong Kong (Score - 9.68)
Silver - Khanh Ly TRAN THI, Vietnam (Score - 9.55)
Bronze - Shiho SAITO (Score - 9.53)
More to come as we move further into the competition!
There's a lot to cover, and wushu competitors and fans can find the the latest news and more information on the wushu events and transportation plans on the official event website:, and the full competition schedule here, so read up!
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