Day 3 of the 14th World Wushu Championships


The World Wushu Championships Day 3 treated audiences to spectacular artistic and combat performances both in taolu and sanda disciplines:
Morning and evening sessions consisted of sanda matches; Women's 48kg, 52kg, and 70kg 1/4 finals and Men's 48kg, 52kg, 56kg, and 60kg 1/4 finals were in the morning, and Men's 65kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 85kg, 90kg, and 90kg+ rounded out the day.
In between taolu athletes showcased their skills in Women's Nangun and Taijiquan, and Men's Jianshu and Nanquan.
Gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded in each of the four taolu events, with Jianxin HE bringing home her second medal for Hong Kong, Khanh Ly TRAN THI her second for Vietnam, and Shiho Saito her second for Japan this time in the Nangun event at the 14th WWC.
Men's Jianshu results:
Gold - Weng Son WONG, Malaysia (Score - 9.64)
Silver - Hasung LEE, Korea  Kong (Score - 9.60)
Bronze - Wai Kin YEAP, Malaysia (Score - 9.53)

Men's Nanquan results:
Gold - Jianming LI, China (Score - 9.72)
Silver - Jun Hua HUANG, Macau (Score - 9.67)
Bronze - Quoc Khanh PHAM, Vietname, (Score - 9.63)
Women's Nangun results:
Gold - Jianxin HE, Hong Kong (Score - 9.62)
Silver -  Juwita Niza WASNI, Indonesia (Score - 9.60)
Bronze - Cheong Min TAN, Malaysia (Score - 9.59)
Women's Taijiquan results:
Gold - Lindswell LINDSWELL, Indonesia (Score - 9.67)
Silver -  Khanh Ly TRAN THI, Vietnam (Score - 9.64)
Bronze - Shiho SAITO, Japan (Score - 9.62)
Medal standings after Day 3.
There's a lot to cover, and wushu competitors and fans can find the the latest news and more information on the wushu events and transportation plans on the official event website:, and the full competition schedule here, so read up!
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