Day 5 (final day) of the 14th World Wushu Championships


Final Day of Competition  
The 14th World Wushu Championships concluded on October 3rd, bringing the five-day international competition to an exciting, energetic, and emotional close. Not only did Day 5 showcase 10 taolu events, it also consisted of the finals for every sanda weight class - 18 in total - participating in this competition. Here are the results from the day's events, as well as the final overall medal standings by country.
Day 5 saw multiple athletes further add to the medals already garnered in earlier days of competition.
[athlete name]** = 2 total 14th WWC podium finishes
[athlete name]*** = 3 total 14th WWC podium finishes
[athlete name]**** = 4 total 14th WWC podium finishes
Taolu results - Women
Women's Gunshu results:
Gold - Felda Elvira SANTOSO, Indonesia (Score - 9.65)
Silver - Risa IKEUCHI**, Japan (Score - 9.56)
Bronze - Xuxu LIU***, Hong Kong, China (Score - 9.55)

Women's Baguazhang Taijiquan results:
Gold - Jing DUAN, China (Score - 9.57)
Silver - Suijin CHEN, Hong Kong, China (Score - 9.51)
Bronze - Zeynep Makbule AKYUZ, Turkey (Score - 9.21)
Women's Shuangjian results
Gold - Tianhui ZHENG, Hong Kong, China (Score - 9.62)
Silver - Liudmyla TEMNA, Ukraine (Score - 9.47)
Bronze - Hanieh RAJABI, Iran (Score - 9.45)
Women's Duilian results:
Gold - Eyin PHOON/Ying Ting LOH/Cheong Min TAN, Malaysia (Score - 9.46)
Silver - Lucy Ruxi LEE/Mia TIAN, USA (Score - 9.22)
Bronze - Yi LI**/Cho Man SOU, Macau, China (Score - 9.20)
Taolu results - Men
Men's Qiangshu results:
Gold - Yaowen ZHANG, China (Score - 9.71)
Silver - Weng Son WONG**, Malaysia (Score - 9.66)
Bronze - Wai Kin YEAP**, Malaysia (Score - 9.64)
Men's Nandao results:
Gold - Jun Hua HUANG**, Macau (Score - 9.67)
Silver - Khac Dat CAO, Vietnam (Score - 9.66)
Bronze - Po Wei LAI**, Chinese Taipei (Score - 9.65)
Men's Taijijian results:
Gold - Tomohiro ARAYA**, Japan (Score - 9.66)
Silver - Yu-yeh CHUANG, Chinese Taipei (Score - 9.63)
Bronze - Tak Yan Samuei HUI**, Hong Kong, China (Score - 9.60)
Men's Xingyiquan results:
Gold - Leo BENOUAICH, France (Score - 9.45)
Silver -  Pui Seng CHEONG, Macau, China (Score - 9.31)
Bronze - Christoph HUYNH, Germany (Score - 9.27)
Men's Shuangdao results:
Gold - Vladimir MAKSIMOV, Russia (Score - 9.62)
Silver - Seungjae CHO, Korea (Score - 9.57)
Bronze - Wai Keong CHIO, Macau, China (Score - 9.42)
Men's Duilian results:
Gold - Farshad ARABI/Navid MAKVANDI/Amir MOHAMMADREZAEI ARREHKAMAR, Iran (Score - 9.61)
Silver - Hasung LEE/Yongmun LEE/Yonghyun LEE, Korea (Score - 9.48)
Bronze - Roman REVA/Artem SUONG/Andrii FEHETSYN, Ukraine (Score - 9.47)
Sanda Results - Women
Women's 48kg results:
Gold - Shimeng DAI, China
Silver -   Bokyeong BYEON, Korea
Bronze -  Ayan TURSYN, Kazakhstan/Divine WALLY, Philippines
Women's 52kg results:
Silver -   Luan Thi HOANG, Vietnam
Bronze -  Hyebin KIM, Korea/Edinea PRADO CAMARGO, Brazil
Women's 56kg results:
Gold -  Huimin LIN, Ching
Silver -  Elin OBERG, Sweden
Bronze -  Olena RIABOKIN, Ukraine/Thi Thu Thuy NGUYEN, Vietnam
Women's 60kg results:
Gold - Yingying CAI, China
Silver -  Trang Thi NGUYEN, Vietnam
Bronze - Ilona OLKHOVYK/Yi Ju LIN, Chinese Taipei
Women's 65kg results:
Gold -  Shahrbano MANSOURIYAN SEMIROMI, Iran
Silver -  Sherouk AHMED ZAKI, Egypt
Bronze - Arunpama Devi KEISHAM/Lazazi Attig LOUIZA, Algeria
Women's 70kg results:
Gold -  Maryam HASHEMIFOROUD, Iran
Silver -  Hergie BACYADAN, Philippines
Bronze - Danielle NEWSOM, USA/Maria Theodora Antoinetta SCHERPENBORG, Netherlands
Women's 75kg results:
Gold - Pooja KADIAN, India
Silver -  Evgeniya STEPANOVA, Russia
Bronze - Anastasia LEONTARI, Greece/Heba ABDELKADER SALEH, Egypt
Sanda Results - Men
Men's 48kg results:
Gold -  Yongjie Wang, China
Silver - Orkhan HATAMOV, Azerbaijan
Bronze - Rameshchandra Singh MOIRRANGTHEM/Laksman Gunasekara WICKRAMAGE
Men's 52kg results:
Gold - Minh Duc VU, Vietnam
Silver - Arnel MANDAL, Philippines
Bronze - Benghenem ABDELKARIM, Algeria/Sargis SARGSYAN, Armenia
Men's 56kg results:
Gold - Kang LI, China
Silver -  Ungjin YUN, Korea
Bronze - Manuchar KVASHILAVA, Georgia/Francisco SOLIS, Philippines
Men's 60kg results:
Gold - Ali MADOMEDOV, Russia
Silver - Sunghyun JO, Korea
Bronze - Abdul Haris SOFYAN, Indonesia/Surya Bhanu Pratep SINGH, India
Men's 65kg results:
Gold - Teng ZHANG, China
Silver - Seungmo PARK, Korea
Bronze - Yauhen SLIAPTSOU, Bulgaria/Ruslan PIRALIYEV, Algeria
Men's 70kg results:
Gold - Mohsen MOHAMMADSEIFI, Iran
Silver - Ayman GALAL FATHY, Egypt
Bronze - Saad BOUJEKKA, Morocco/Bouabid ABDELHADI, Algeria
Men's 75kg results:
Gold - Yousef SABRIABIBEGLOO, Iran
Silver - Fi Long Cai, Macau, China
Bronze - Ismail ALIEV, Russia/Elie BOU GEBRAEL, Lebanon
Men's 80kg results:
Gold - Arslan BEKTEMIROV, Russia
Silver - Myeongjin KIM, Korea
Bronze - Andre FANDINO BONET, Spain
Men's 85kg results:
Gold - Seyedmoein TAGHAVI, Iran
Silver - Vadzim ROLICH, Bulgaria
Bronze - Emmanuel Andrew MINNAAR, South Africa/Ashraf Mohamed Abd Elgwad ABDELHAMID, Egypt
Men's 90kg results:
Gold - Milad AREFI MAGHAM, Iran
Silver - Omar MAMDOUH ALI, Egypt
Bronze - Rajinder Singh, India/Illia VARCHENIA, Bulgaria
Men's 90kg+ results:
Gold - Xiang YE, China
Silver - Hamidreza GHOLIPOUR, Iran
Bronze - Motaz RADY ISMAIL, Egypt/Daniel Florin GHITA, Romania
Final medal standings.
Closing Ceremony - Looking Ahead
The 14th World Wushu Championships closing ceremony seemed to come all-too-soon, summing up five days of blood, sweat and tears as IWUF and LOC representatives acknowledged all of the years of training on the part of the athletes, as well as the months and years of preparation work by the city of Kazan to ensure that the 14th WWC was as successful as it could possibly be.
During the 14th IWUF Congress the Executive Board announced that Shanghai will be the host city for the 15th World Wushu Championships in 2019, and during the 14th WWC closing ceremony the flag was passed to the Shanghai LOC representatives, demonstrating that the IWUF - and wushu community as a whole - has the utmost confidence that Shanghai will stage an event of the highest standards. Two years may seem like a long time to wait, but for athletes that time will pass in the blink of an eye -- and in the mean time here's one upcoming event to whet the appetite of wushu fans everywhere!
7th World Kungfu Championships
Location: E'mei City, China
Date: November 7-11, 2017
Organizing body: International Wushu Federation
We look forward to seeing you there!
There's a lot to cover, and wushu competitors and fans can find the the latest news and more information on the wushu events and transportation plans on the official event website:, and the full competition schedule here, so read up!
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