7th WKFC Have Begun!


Opening Ceremony
The 7th World Wushu Championships kicked off Wednesday night with an outstanding opening ceremony that showcased Sichuan's local culture and highlighted Emeishan's deep wushu roots and welcomed participants and athletes from all over the world.
IWUF Executive Board Members, Traditional Committee members and international delegates were also treated to a spectacular banquet hosted by the Emeishan Local Organizing Committee.
Day 1 Competition
The first day of competition at the 7th WKFC overflowed with energy as participants from took to the mats and put on truly astounding performances, highlighting their hard work and passion for kungfu. Medals were awarded in each event, with participants of all ages and forms receiving recognition for their demonstrations that honored kungfu and its cultural significance.
Audience members and wushu fans had only to watch for a few moments to see that the World Kungfu Championships truly has the right to be called the ultimate "sport-for-all" event.
Day 1 Seminar Program
In addition to kungfu performances, Day 1 also boasted the first in this year's Seminar Program as kungfu experts presented lectures and training sessions for all to attend. 
Kwok Iam SIN - Characteristics Wing Chun Kune & Essence of Chi Sau
Sih Hing CHAO - Introductory Discussion on Lingnan Hung Kune's History & Technique Origin
Zhenglei CHEN - Chen Styel Taijiquan Health & Longevity Exercises - 18 Essential Methods
Zuohui WEN - Emei Quan - First Routine - Basic Techniques & Details
Sunny TANG - Fundamental Skill of Wing Chun Kune & Chi Sau
Xigui ZHANG - Xingyi Quan - Rooser Four Seizes
With more performances and a full day of expert presentations, Day 2 continues with full kungfu action! Make sure you're keeping up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as always. We'll be updating those throughout the day with pictures, videos, information, and more!
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