Day 2 of 7th WKFC in Emeishan


The pace picked up on Day 2 of the 7th World Kungfu Championships as both competition and seminar events continued and the atmosphere crackled with kungfu energy.
Day 2 Competition
A wide range of kungfu was on display during the second day, with competition events in both widely-practiced and rarer styles. Wing chun, hung gar and taiji all made appearances, as did various weapon forms.
Men, women, and children of all ages and nationalities put their heart into the handful of minutes they had to perform and, with their teams cheering them on, pushed themselves to their limits.
Day 2 Seminar Program
Day 2's seminars, both lectures and training sessions, carried the momentum of the previous day and introduced attendees to innovative ideas, industry insights, and techniques long-known to kungfu masters. 
Lectures given:
Anthony GOH - Introduction of the IWUF Grading System
Xiaolin LU - The Modification of Rules for International Wushu Competition and Its Effect on Wushu's Development Worldwide
Eddie Kwong Yu NG - Wu Style Taijiquan - Main Requirements & Technique Applications
Mingjian HUANG - Popular Culture Trend - The Display of Wushu in Action Films
Fong Shih YANG - The Value & Practical of Routines Practice (Taolu) of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang & Tanglangquan
Trainings led:
Zhenglei CHEN - Chen Style Taijiquan Health & Longevity Exercises - 18 Essential Methods
Xigui ZHANG - Xingyi Quan - Rooser Four Seizes
Sunny TANG - Fundamental Skill of Wing Chun Kune & Chi Sau
Jiamin GAO - Sun Style Taijiquan - Basic Techniques and Methods
Man Iam LEI - Chen Style Taijiquan Basic Actions & Guidance
Yanwu HAN - Cheng Style Bagua Zhang - Foundational Practice - 8 Fixed Palms
Eddie Kwong Yu NG - Wu Style Taijiquan Basic Techniques & Details
Chong Pin ONG - Taijiquan - Cultivation Core Strength Through Silk-reeling Practice
Day 3 will bring the 7th World Kungfu Championships to a close with a final slate of performances, lectures, and training sessions. Make sure you're keeping up with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as always. We'll be updating those throughout the day with pictures, videos, information, and more!
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