Final Day of the 7th WKFC


The 7th World Kungfu Championships came to a close on Day 3 with competition intensity and seminar enthusiasm at all-time highs. 
Day 3 Competition
Day 3's events focused on weapon routines, both for individuals and in groups.
Participants used this opportunity to demonstrate their ability not only to perform at a high level, but also to entertain with their traditional kungfu routines.
Day 3 Seminar Program
Morning seminars, including both lectures and training sessions, rounded out the 7th WKFC's special program. 
Lectures given:
Hing Yuen Anthony WAN - Self-defense Training Course & Taiji's Function of Preventing or Curing Illness
Xiaolin LU - The Modification of Rules for International Wushu Competition and Its Effect on Wushu's Development Worldwide
Trainings led:
Jiamin GAO - 42 Movement Taijijian Techniques  & Common Errors
Yanwu HAN - Cheng Style Bagua Zhang - 8 Great Palms (4 Selected Palms)
Man Iam LEI - Chen Style Taijiquan Basic Actions & Guidance
Chong Pin ONG - Taijiquan - A Scientific Perspective of Neijin (Internal Strength)
Closing Ceremony
With the final prizes of the competition awarded to top competitors, the 7th World Kungfu Championships finished. As participants filed out of the Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo Center, one sentiment was clear: they'll be back in 2019!
Day 3 will bring the 7th World Kungfu Championships to a close with a final slate of performances, lectures, and training sessions. Make sure you're keeping up with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitteras always. We'll be updating those throughout the day with pictures, videos, information, and more!
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